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360° Rotatable Adjustable Triangular Cleaning Mop

360° Rotatable Adjustable Triangular Cleaning Mop

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Triangular mop set

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The mop boasts cutting-edge triangular design, which incorporates a 360° rotating mop head and a triangular cleaning plate, thereby streamlining the cleaning process and effectively accessing those intricate, hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, the mop's extended 1.3m pole effortlessly reaches dust in corners of walls, ceilings, and windows, effectively eliminating stubborn dust with ease.

Cutting-Edge Engineering

The triangular broom head design of your mop allows it to easily reach and clean tight corners and crevices, which can be difficult to clean with a traditional rectangular mop head. This is particularly useful when cleaning hard-to-reach areas like behind furniture, in tight corners, or along baseboards.

The hands-free wringing function of your mop also makes cleaning a breeze. You don't need to use your hands to wring out the mop, which means less mess and less physical strain on your body. This makes it easier and more efficient to clean large areas without having to stop and wring out the mop head manually.

Overall, these features make your mop an excellent choice for anyone who wants a deep clean of their home without the hassle and strain of traditional mopping methods

Extra-long pole

The 1.3m pole on your cleaning tool enables easy cleaning of high and hard-to-reach areas, eliminating the need for a ladder or chair, and avoiding damage to delicate items. This feature enhances the efficiency and safety of your cleaning routine by allowing you to thoroughly clean every corner of your home



Deep cleaning tool, high-reaching wiping, triangular design, nano-fiber cloth, 360° dead space, 1-second cloth change, multi-function, hanging storage.

High-Quality Material


The mop is equipped with a thickened and encrypted microfiber cloth, which can quickly absorb water in 5 seconds and has a strong adsorption capacity, firmly locking in dust.


Material: Reinforced PP/Stainless Steel Mop

Material: Microfiber

Color: Blue

Weight: 700g



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