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Telescopic long-handled car washing brush

Telescopic long-handled car washing brush

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An automated and efficient car wash.

Introducing our cutting-edge Foam Wash Brush, engineered to revolutionize your car cleaning experience! Say goodbye to the hassle of buckets and sponges – our innovative brush takes care of it all. Featuring a luxurious, soft, and absorbent foam head, it effortlessly glides over your vehicle, leaving behind a lavish, cleansing lather. Elevate your car care routine and achieve a showroom-worthy shine effortlessly. Experience the future of car washing with our Foam Wash Brush – simplicity, efficiency, brilliance

Safeguard your paint with utmost care


Our foam brush is specially crafted to preserve the brilliance of your car. The soft and non-abrasive foam effectively removes dirt, dust, and stains without scratching the surface. Rest assured that your paint is in good hands. Enjoy a sparkling and radiant finish with every wash

Experience comfort and ease of use


Our foam brush features an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and effortless use. No more bending or stretching to reach every corner of your vehicle. Its intelligent design allows you to wash your car in record time without exerting yourself. Let the brush do the work for you!

An all-in-one tool for your car


Our foam brush is a true Swiss army knife for car washing. In addition to effectively cleaning the body, it's also perfect for washing windows, rims, and even mirrors. You'll also save water compared to traditional washing, as the foam retains water longer, allowing for more efficient use.

Guaranteed Quality and Durability


Crafted from high-quality materials, our foam brush is built to last. You can rely on its effectiveness for years to come. Make this brush your trusted partner in keeping your car clean and shining, season after season.

Spécification :

  • Product Size: Tractor: 27*15cm/10.63*5.91 inches
  • Pole Length: 50cm/19.69 inches
  • After Expansion: 102cm/40.16 inches
  • Product Material: Aluminum Alloy Chenille
  • Product Packaging: PE Bag
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