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Magic Detangling Brush

Magic Detangling Brush

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Hairbrush with unique colorful design 

Popbrush magic brush

Want to have the latest colorful blow dryer brush in 2023? New color matching, hollow design, close to the hairline to dry wet hair quickly, rounded comb teeth to protect the scalp, stimulate the scalp and blood circulation.

Save time and money

No need to use different detangling products for your or your children's hair knots. Save money for your wallet. The  detangling brush is unbelievably effective.

Comfortable Handle

The bell brush has a comfortable, non-slip, padded rubber handle that fits snugly in your hand during use. It also has hanging holes for easy hanging on a hook or shelf.

Smart Shape

With its ultra-wide, curved head, this brush provides optimal brushing action that helps space out shampoos and stimulate scalp microcirculation, promoting hair growth. Once you try it, you won't be able to live without it !

Useful for wet and dry

The boar bristle hair brush is ideal for combing and detangling your hair after washing. With its specially designed comb teeth, it effectively detangles knots while reducing hair damage by over 45%.

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