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Dancing Cactus

Dancing Cactus

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Who among us hasn't heard of the famous dancing cactus ?

This new set/toy that dances, sings and repeats what you say, with a funny and entertaining tone.

Having a good time? Surely in the company of the dancing cactus

The dancing cactus plant can imitate other sounds, it repeats, dances, sings and moves in all directions.

It is an ideal game for children of all ages because it is fun and educational and promotes child development.

Why do our customers love the Dancing Cactus?

  • Fun - The Dancing Cactus brightens up any face! With its joyful movements and lively songs
  • Educational - Interactive toys help your child's development. Learn all the songs with him or her and dance together in the living room.
  • Gift tip - The Dancing Cactus is of course a great gift to give for a birthday or communion party !
  • Product Specifications :

  • Dimensions: 32cm high
  • Number of song : 60
  • Material: PP and cotton
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