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Montessori 7-in-1 Discovery Kit

Montessori 7-in-1 Discovery Kit

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Develop your child's essential skills with the Berda Montessori Discovery Kit

Give your child an early advantage by investing in the Montessori Discovery Board, the perfect educational toy for parents concerned about early learning. This silent toy is designed to stimulate fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration, empowering your child to perform simple tasks like writing or pouring a glass of juice without making a mess. Additionally, it enhances muscle memory and finger strength, helping your child master valuable life skills. Give your child a head start now with the Montessori Discovery Board.

Encourage your child's independence !


Invest in the Berda Montessori Activity Kit and empower your child to become an independent and confident learner who knows how to do things on their own. With its practical elements such as laces, zipper, snap pocket, buckles, and more, this toy will stimulate your child's skills and encourage them to use them independently. Say goodbye to morning dressing struggles and constant reminders for simple tasks, and let your child take control of their life with the Berda Montessori Activity Kit.

Perfect for travel


Give your children an exciting educational game that can be taken anywhere! Whether it's for plane, train, or car trips, or for outdoor activities, this entertaining and stimulating game guarantees hours of educational fun.

Perfect gift for children

Give your child the opportunity to become an independent learner with our Montessori learning suitcase. Our suitcase offers a fun and interactive educational experience that allows your child to develop skills while having fun. Give them the tools to succeed in life by making learning a daily and exciting adventure. Invest in your child's future now with our Montessori learning suitcase.

Learning and development through play


To enable children to learn essential life skills, develop their fine motor skills, and enhance their cognitive abilities (such as colors, numbers, alphabet, shape learning) from an early age.

There is also a DIY page and a drawing board that can allow children to use their imagination and unleash their creative spirit. 


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