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High-pressure glass rinser

High-pressure glass rinser

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Quickly and easily clean your stemmed glasses 

The glass rinser is an essential tool for any wine, beer, or cocktail enthusiast. It allows you to quickly and easily clean stemmed glasses without leaving any residue or marks. You no longer need to spend hours scrubbing your glasses by hand, as the glass rinser helps you achieve impeccable results in no time.

Features for an improved cleaning experience

The glass rinser comes with many features to enhance your experience of cleaning stemmed glasses. It includes high-pressure water jets to quickly remove residue and stains, a non-slip silicone base for stable and secure use, a high-quality borosilicate glass construction for increased durability, and a versatile design that fits most glasses.

A simple and convenient use

The glass rinser is easy to use - simply fill it with water and place your stemmed glass upside down on the rinser base. By pressing down on the top of the glass, the high-pressure water jets quickly remove residue and stains. It is compatible with most stemmed glasses, including wine glasses, champagne flutes, and beer glasses.

Easy installation in 4 simple steps

  1. Remove the soap dispenser, sink faucet, or hole cover and insert the glass rinser

  2. Screw and tighten the mounting nut

  3. Connect the hose and tighten the bolt

  4. Connect the section located halfway up the inlet pipe to the glass rinser pipe. In some cases, you may need an additional adapter


   Tips for optimal use

To achieve the best results, use warm water with your glass rinser. Avoid using plastic or decorated glasses with your glass rinser. If you are a connoisseur of fine wines, you can also use a specially designed glass cleaner to achieve optimal results.

Specifications : 

This pack contains:

1 x Stemmed glass rinser

1 x 50cm hose

Dimensions : 


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