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Renovating car cleaner

Renovating car cleaner

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Say goodbye to unsightly residue on your car

Our car cleaning product is specially formulated to remove tough stains, protect against the elements, and shine your car's plastic surfaces. With our advanced formula, your car stays clean and beautiful longer, extending its life and allowing you to drive it with pride. Try it now and discover the difference it can make to your beloved car !

Quick revitalization in the blink of an eye for a spotless car in no time !


Our plastic parts rejuvenator offers a quick revitalization for your car. By penetrating deep into the exterior surfaces, it instantly brightens plastic parts, slows aging and cleans up easily. You can say goodbye to dull, aged car parts with our fast, easy-to-use rejuvenation product.

Wide range of use

Our versatile product fits all types of interior and exterior automotive parts, from leather to plastic to glass. It is also suitable for all types of vehicles, including cars, vans, motorcycles and bicycles. With a powerful and effective cleaning formula, our product is the perfect solution to keep your vehicle in top condition, no matter where the road takes you! !

Clean your car safely without risk of paint damage


You love your car and you want to keep it in perfect condition? Our automotive refinishing product is the perfect solution for you! Formulated with high quality, environmentally friendly ingredients, our product thoroughly cleans and refreshes all of your car's surfaces, without the risk of damage or drying out of rubber, trim, plastics or paint. Give your car the treatment it deserves with our top of the line car refinisher !

Save money without sacrificing quality: our practical and economical solution !


Looking to save on your car maintenance costs? Look no further! Our revolutionary product can save you a lot of money by reducing costly maintenance. Spray it directly on the surface and spread it evenly in just a few seconds. With our product, you'll get a flawless finish in record time, without the need for expensive services. Make the smart choice for your wallet: opt for our economical and practical product now !


Net capacity : 30 ml

Ingredients : colloidal silica, resin

Weight : 36 g

Size: 2.9 x 8.4 cm

Packaging: 1 * repair product for automotive plastics

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