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Rotisserie basket

Rotisserie basket

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Host the perfect barbecue with your friends for an unforgettable evening of fun and good food !

Maximize your barbecue experience with ease with our premium 304 stainless steel roasting basket. Specially designed for cooking wet foods, this basket will make your life more convenient and allow you to treat your guests to deliciously juicy dishes. 

Bring out the ultimate flavor in your food with our 360 degree rotating roasting basket

With its 360-degree rotating design, our 304 stainless steel roasting basket allows for perfectly even cooking for exceptional flavors and an unforgettable taste experience. Say goodbye to burnt or undercooked food and enjoy every bite with our premium rotisserie basket !

 Durability that stands the test of time: Choose stainless steel construction for superior quality !

Safe, convenient and versatile! Easily cleanable, these baskets are designed to prevent food loss between racks and can be used as a wok, smoker or grill basket. Treat yourself to an extraordinary cooking experience with our top-of-the-line grilling solution !

Hassle Free Barbecue: Say goodbye to manual flipping with our grilling accessory !

Don't waste time turning your food while cooking: With our ingenious barbecue accessory, cooking is simple and efficient! Simply place the food in the basket, close it and easily flip it under the barbecue lid. Avoid the hassle and enjoy a successful barbecue with ease with our practical and indispensable tool.
Our grilling basket is a handy tool for outdoor barbecue lovers. It allows you to prepare your food ahead of time and store it easily in the refrigerator, ideal for picnics and camping trips. Its large capacity also makes it a perfect choice for banquets and large parties with family and friends. Prepare your grilled food with ease and enjoy great social moments with our convenient and easy-to-use barbecue basket !

 Express Barbecue  

Cook up to 20 wings in 15 minutes without having to turn them over with our stainless steel grill basket that can be controlled by the barbecue fork !


Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 165g
Size:   20 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm
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