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Anti-Mosquito Patches - Natural Formula For children and adults

Anti-Mosquito Patches - Natural Formula For children and adults

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A simple solution with wonderful results

Worried about your baby getting bitten by mosquitoes? Our baby mosquito repellent patch effectively repels these insects and prevents bites that cause itching and skin irritation. Your baby can enjoy outdoor activities in complete safety and peace of mind.

  • High quality mosquito repellent patches made only from natural ingredients (herbs and essential oils)
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe for the skin with no added artificial and chemical ingredients
  • These mosquito repellent stickers are safe for adults and children alike

Long lasting protection :

  • Each insect repellent patch provides up to 24 hours of protection
  • With its long-lasting protection, our insect repellent patch is a practical choice for all indoor and outdoor activities. You can have fun without worrying about annoying bug bites.

Easy to use :

  • Each mosquito patch is only 3cm in diameter
  • So you can easily stick it to your clothes and enjoy all outdoor activities without any discomfort.
  • Our mosquito repellent patch is versatile: it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Simply attach it to tables, chairs, beds or any other furniture to effectively repel mosquitoes and enjoy a bug-free environment.


  • Active ingredient: citronella, lavender, lemon oil
  • Quantity: You have the choice between 3 packs :
  1. SOLO PACK : 20 PACKS (120 PIECES)
  2. DUO PACK : 40 PACKS (240 PIECES) + Free delivery
  3. FAMILY PACK :100 PACKS (600 PIECES) + Free Shipping


      It can be attached to clothes, furniture, etc. But can not be attached directly to the skin.

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