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Waterproof coating paste.

Waterproof coating paste.

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A magical and unique paste for a fantastic result

Introducing our revolutionary Waterproof Coating Paste: a water-based adhesive that penetrates cracks, seals surfaces, and delivers 100% waterproof protection. Achieve lasting repairs and superior waterproofing with ease. Upgrade your projects today!

Repair and Coating

Thanks to its exceptionally strong adhesive properties, this paste is uniquely effective at promptly preventing water infiltration. When dried, it becomes completely transparent and maintains its clarity without any yellowing.

How to Use It?

  1. Application is straightforward: Apply the paste to any surface, and witness instant results.
  2. Achieve an impenetrable barrier that seals cracks and prevents infiltration.
  3. Enjoy long-lasting waterproofing that endures over time.

Experience professional-grade waterproofing with ease

On which surfaces can it be used?

Suitable for use on various surfaces: tiles, bricks, concrete, plastic, wood, metal, PVC, and more.


Weight: Small 100g - Large 300g

Color: Transparent

Package Includes: 1 box + 1 brush

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