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Multifunctional / Rechargeable Citrus juicer

Multifunctional / Rechargeable Citrus juicer

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Enjoy fresh and healthy juice anytime!

Experience the convenience of our revolutionary citrus juicer, equipped with a highly efficient rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Indulge in the pleasure of freshly squeezed juice effortlessly. Imagine savoring a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, brimming with vitamins and bursting with flavors, all without the need to invest in commercially processed juices that lack the richness and freshness you desire. With our USB rechargeable citrus juicer, you can relish in the goodness of fresh and healthy juice wherever and whenever you please.

Choose our innovative machine that recovers every drop!

This innovative machine allows you to retrieve every last drop of liquid, providing you with an optimal consumption experience. No more throwing money in the trash, our machine recovers everything, down to the very last drop. With its smart design, it is easy to use and clean, saving you time and money with every use. So, enjoy your favorite beverage without worrying about liquid waste and choose our reliable and efficient machine now!

Effortlessly squeeze all your favorite fruits!

Our citrus juicer is meticulously crafted to cater to your craving for fresh juice, whether you relish the timeless appeal of oranges and lemons or seek the allure of more exotic options such as watermelon or pineapple. Engineered with exceptional power and efficiency, our juicer effortlessly extracts every ounce of juice from a wide array of fruits. Its user-friendly interface and robust construction ensure seamless operation and enduring performance. With our juicer, you can savor the goodness of fresh and wholesome juice at your convenience, unencumbered by any equipment concerns.

Indulge in refreshing beverages during the summer season

During the scorching days of summer, it is essential to indulge in refreshing and nourishing beverages that provide both hydration and a cool respite. Our USB rechargeable citrus juicer presents the ideal solution for effortlessly crafting fresh and delectable fruit juices in a matter of minutes. With its ultra-efficient rechargeable battery, this portable juicer becomes your steadfast companion, enabling you to relish a healthy and invigorating drink wherever you find yourself. Embrace the season with our esteemed citrus juicer, ensuring your thirst-quenching moments are both satisfying and convenient, no matter your location

How does it work ?

Easy cleaning guaranteed

Effortlessly maintain the cleanliness of your rechargeable citrus juicer by swiftly disassembling the components and gently rinsing them with lukewarm water. Employ a soft-bristle brush to meticulously cleanse any non-removable parts, ensuring a thorough removal of residue. Prior to reassembly, diligently dry each piece to prevent moisture accumulation. For persistent stains, a potent solution of water and white vinegar proves highly effective in conquering even the most stubborn blemishes. With our ingeniously designed citrus juicer, immaculate cleanliness is effortlessly achieved, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity.

Recharge your citrus juicer anywhere, anytime

No need to search for an electrical outlet to operate your citrus juicer. Our ultra-efficient rechargeable lithium-ion battery eliminates the hassle by allowing you to easily recharge your juicer with a simple USB cable, anywhere and anytime. Whether you're at home, on the go, or camping, recharging your citrus juicer is a breeze with a laptop, portable battery, or USB outlet. With its convenient and user-friendly design, our USB rechargeable citrus juicer is the perfect choice for individuals who value both their time and their health.


  • Charging: USB charging
  • Weight: 1100g
  • Material: ABS/AS
  • Size: 138mm112mm237.5mm
  • Function: Fully automatic
  • Capacity: ≤400mL
  • Speed: 18000 rpm

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