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Portable Electronic Measuring Tape

Portable Electronic Measuring Tape

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Are you experiencing difficulties with traditional measuring tapes?

Perhaps you find them challenging to manipulate or perceive them as lacking precision

Fortunately, we present our Portable Electronic Measuring Tape as the solution. Crafted to alleviate common frustrations with traditional measuring tools, this innovative device seamlessly merges portability with durability to enhance your measuring endeavors. With a sleek design measuring only 0.59 inches in width and weighing a mere 0.066 pounds, it delivers unmatched convenience while upholding the highest standards of quality.

Discover the versatility

From straight lines to irregular surfaces, this electronic measuring tape caters to a broad spectrum of measuring needs. Whether you're a professional tailor, craftsman, or simply engaged in home improvement projects, its versatility shines through. Bid farewell to tedious measurements and welcome precision and efficiency

Exceptional Performance Experience

Equipped with a high-definition LCD screen, our electronic measuring tape provides clear and precise readings with each use. Furthermore, with 10 sets of historical records, you can easily track and reference your measurements as needed. Powered by a low-resistance lithium polymer battery, it ensures extended usage and reliable performance

Experience Unparalleled Endurance

Tired of constantly recharging your tools? With our electronic measuring tape, that's a thing of the past. Thanks to its ultra-long standby capacity of up to 200 days on a single charge, you can focus on your tasks without interruptions. Plus, with a quick 5-minute charge, you'll have up to 2 hours of continuous use at your fingertips

Precision Within Your Reach

Experience the convenience of long-distance measurement with our electronic measuring tape. With single-range distance measurement of up to 9 meters and cumulative distance measurement of up to 99 meters, achieving precision down to the millimeter has never been easier. Say hello to precise measurements and farewell to guesswork


    • Shell Material: Aluminum alloy + Silicone
    • Screen: 1.8-inch VA LCD screen (white text on black background)
    • Size: 53*15mm
    • Net Weight: 35g
    • Single Range: Up to 9.99 meters
    • Cumulative Range: Up to 99.99 meters
    • Accuracy: ± 0.5%, supports continuous adjustment
    • Backlight Time: 30-180 seconds
    • Battery: 200mAh 0.74Wh
    • Charging Port: Type-C
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