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Kids Automatic Laying Domino Train

Kids Automatic Laying Domino Train

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Are you looking for a game that will entertain your child while also contributing to their intellectual development?

Do you have difficulty choosing a gift for your child?

This domino train will inspire your child to play again and again! The more engaged they are in the game, the more they can develop and enhance their learning skills.

Our domino train set develops your child's motor skills, color recognition, and teamwork abilities. Its vibrant and colorful appearance can stimulate the development of their brain and mind.

Improve your child's spatial thinking.


Once the dominoes are set up, you can add excitement by letting your child push them to watch them fall in a chain reaction! It also produces construction sounds as it travels, giving your child the feeling of acting like a real engineer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Play:

  • Load the cartridge by pushing it onto the dominoes.
  • Attach the cartridge to the top of the train and start the train.
  • Turn the funnel of the train to steer it left and right.
  • As the train moves forward, the standing dominoes will be deposited in a row. Your child can then push the dominoes to create a fun chain


  • Material: ABS plastic/electronic components The products include:

    Train * 1 (size: 16710.5 cm)
  • Dominoes * 60 (size: cm)
  • Direction ornaments * 1 (size: 6.4*5.5 cm)
  • Magazine * 1 (size: 4.825.6 cm) Package size: 26.88*14 cm

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