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Professional rotating foam brush for car washing

Professional rotating foam brush for car washing

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Simplify your life with our professional rotating brush

Discover the unparalleled effectiveness of our professional-grade car washing rotary brush—an indispensable tool for maintaining the pristine condition of your vehicle. Engineered with precision, its efficient rotation swiftly eradicates mud and grime, ensuring a thorough cleansing without compromising the integrity of your vehicle's paintwork.

User Comfort: Extendable Handle for Easy Access

Clean effortlessly with the extendable handle reaching up to 100 cm, enabling you to access even the most hard-to-reach corners without bending or stretching. Whether it's reaching the underside of your car or the upper edges of your windows, this brush ensures maximum comfort and ergonomics during all your cleaning chores.

Gentleness and Precision: Protecting Your Surfaces

The brush head is crafted with soft microfiber chenille bristles, ensuring that even the most delicate surfaces, such as your car's paintwork, remain unscathed and scratch-free. Additionally, flow control is at your fingertips with an on/off switch, granting you full command for precise and water-efficient cleaning.

Energy Efficiency: Automatic Rotation without Electricity

Save energy with the brush's automatic rotation function, activated simply by the water flow. Without the need for electrical power, this brush revolutionizes eco-friendly cleaning, allowing you to contribute to environmental protection while maintaining a spotless home and belongings.

Designed to connect directly to your garden hose

Offering an effortless and efficient cleaning method, this brush transforms your washing routine with its water pressure-powered mechanism. Its advanced technology allows for deep cleaning while protecting your vehicle's paint. Simplify your car maintenance with this indispensable tool.

Can be used as a high-pressure watering gun

By detaching the brush head, you get a watering gun for washing your car, watering the lawn, cleaning gutters, the house, and any other area. It can also be used to bathe your pet.

Tired of cluttering your storage space with specialized tools that serve only one function?

Our all-in-one brush is the miraculous solution for all your cleaning needs! Perfect for washing your car down to the last speck of dust, this magical brush also ensures gentle and thorough baths for your pets. Say goodbye to dirt on your rose leaves and hello to sparkling floors in your home! With its multifunctional use, this brush is the one-of-a-kind equipment that will turn your chores into moments of pleasure. Simplify your household tasks and save time for what truly matters.


  • Product Size:
  •  Length: 100cm / 39.37 inches
  • Weight (approximate): 920g
  • Quality (approximate): Fits outer diameter of faucet: 16-18mm / 0.63-0.71 inches

        This package contains:

        • Brush head with soap dispenser
        • Quick connector for garden hose
        • On/off switch
        • Detachable handle
        • Faucet fixator

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