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Adjustable multi-function water spray nozzle

Adjustable multi-function water spray nozzle

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High Pressure Spray Gun

The spray selector allows for easy adjustments from a high-pressure spray to a gentle level, which is perfect for watering plants, bathing pets, cleaning windows and other outdoor cleaning tasks.

Various adjustment modes


There is a movable part on the sprinkler head, rotate it to choose the shower mode, several modes can meet various watering needs, such as cleaning your car, sidewalk, yard, gutter, patio, home and anywhere.

10 x High Voltage


The high pressure jet can reach 20 meters. Under normal water flow conditions, the spray distance of the water gun is 8-10 meters, which effectively improves the strength and efficiency of cleaning and saves your time.

Easy installation


Integrated design, easy to install. With multiple water supply modes, it can be easily adjusted without using wrench or other tools.

High quality material


Made of alloy, it has strong pressure resistance and durability, which can meet the watering needs of daily car wash, garden watering, etc.

Specifications :


Material: Alloy
Spraying distance : 10-15 meters

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