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Ultra-soft transitional tights for women

Ultra-soft transitional tights for women

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Ultra-soft moisture-wicking transitional tights that can be worn with or without feet

Soft and skin-friendly microfiber tights


The material of the high-waisted tights is soft and silky to the touch, shiny, breathable, and skin-friendly. They fit perfectly around your waist and hips. The tights are extremely soft and stretchy.

High-waisted belly support tights

After thousands of trials, we have added more material and elasticity to the high-waisted part. As a result, it can refine your silhouette, specifically by controlling your belly and showcasing your curves perfectly

One size fits all

Our tights are offered in a size that fits all body types. Carefully crafted to ensure a soft touch and unmatched waterproofing

Semi-opaque microfiber tights

Semi-opaque tights that are not easily snagged, so you don't have to worry about the embarrassment of a sudden run. They can be reused multiple times after proper care, the color doesn't fade, and they are suitable for pairing with different outfits. A calm and confident beauty, a beautiful day starts with your feet

Semi-transparent tights, a perfect look

Appropriate thickness: semi-opaque, perfect for most seasons to keep you charming and elegant. They pair well with your dresses, sweaters, shirts, heels, boots... for work and everyday life.

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