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Faucet water filter

Faucet water filter

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Healthy lifestyle

Experience a healthier way of living, with the absence of harmful substances in your body. This water filter purifier comprises stones that are designed to absorb impurities, ensuring clean drinking water with no unpleasant odors.

Easy to install

Filtro Purificador de agua para grifo 🚰 💧

Our clean filter with a mounting ring is easy to install and use. The mounting hole is flexible and elastic, and it is firmly fixed without falling. It is suitable for installation on a circular outlet with a diameter of 16-23mm, preventing water from falling or leaking.

5-Stage filtration

With its 5-stage filter design, this water filter purifier helps to eliminate impurities from water and maintain your well-being. You can be assured of getting healthier water.

Easy to clean

A must-have for home and office. High-temperature resistant and not easy to deform. To clean, simply remove the filter and rinse it under water

widely applicable

Compact and convenient, it can be installed on most circular outlet faucets, such as round sink faucets, single-hole sink mixers, shower faucets, bathtub faucets, kitchen faucets, etc.

Materials: polypropylene + PVC + rubber.

Color: random.


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