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Magical Water Floating Pen

Magical Water Floating Pen

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Awaken the curiosity of your children. 

Our magic marker will awaken your children's creativity. They can draw any design on the included ceramic spoon and then easily place it on the water to float their imagination.

When the design comes in contact with the water, it magically starts to float. The ink design makes the drawings insoluble unlike traditional markers. 

So moms, aren't these the best markers for your kids ?

Why our customers love this product


Our water-based ink makes the drawings insoluble in water, You can let your creativity flow and admire your drawings floating on the water lightly.

✔ Interesting and fun

Floating drawings arouse the curiosity of children. Draw the cutest drawings with your friends or family members and watch them float on the water.

✔ Safe to use

The crayon is not harmful to human skin, so it is safe for children to use.

How does it work ? 

1-Prepare your markers , spoon, paper towel and a large bowl of water.
2-Wipe the spoon with a paper towel to remove water and other debris.
3-Draw the design you want on the spoon (bind them together or they will fall apart).
4-It is recommended to draw the outline first, then color it, the effect will be better.
5-Wait a few seconds and then slowly put it in the water.
6-The paint is separated from the spoon, remove the spoon and your drawing is floating.

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