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GPS/SOS Connected Watch for Children

GPS/SOS Connected Watch for Children

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Ensure the safety of your children with our connected watch for kids equipped with GPS!

Cultivate your young explorers' sense of freedom as they embark on worldly adventures with peace of mind. Our cutting-edge, GPS-enabled smartwatch for children not only ensures their utmost safety but also offers reassurance to vigilant parents. Join us to witness how this innovative smartwatch becomes a guardian angel for your children, no matter where their journeys take them

Accurate Real-Time Location Tracking

Our GPS/SOS smartwatch for children employs cutting-edge GPS technology, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in real-time location tracking. Through our dedicated application, you can effortlessly monitor your child's whereabouts, be it at school, a friend's house, or during a family outing. Say goodbye to uncertainty and anxiety – your child is constantly within your grasp, providing you with peace of mind like never before

SOS Function for Added Security

The SOS feature of this watch is an invaluable asset. In the event of an emergency, your child can activate it by simply pressing a dedicated button, which immediately sends an alert to your phone. You will receive prompt notification of the situation, allowing you to react swiftly and ensure the safety of your child. This functionality can be a lifesaver in critical situations, providing you with peace of mind and rapid response capabilities

Comfort and Style Tailored for Children

We recognize the distinct comfort and style requirements of children. Our GPS/SOS smartwatch for kids embodies a blend of lightweight design and robust durability, offered in a captivating array of colors and patterns. Your child will embrace it as a trendy accessory, all the while appreciating its practicality

Security and Peace of Mind

Empower your child with a GPS/SOS smartwatch, an investment in their safety that delivers peace of mind to your family. With real-time location tracking and a readily accessible SOS feature, you grant your child the freedom they need while ensuring their utmost security. Give the gift of safety to your loved ones today with our cutting-edge GPS/SOS connected watch, where security meets style


  • GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Screen Size: 1.54 inches
  • SIM Card: 2G SIM card
  • Camera Resolution: 1.3MP
  • Wireless Range: 5m-15m
  • Charging: USB charging cable
  • Bracelet Material: Silicone + ABS
  • Battery: 400mAh
  • Standby Time: 7 days
  • Compatible Platforms: Compatible with Android 3.0 or higher, Compatible with iOS 6.0 or higher
  • Key Features: Camera, Dangerous Zone Reminder, Daily Calculator, Remote Shutdown, Remote Monitoring, Alarm, Touch to Add Friends, etc


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