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The 5-in-1 kit for easy moving of your furniture and heavy objects.

The 5-in-1 kit for easy moving of your furniture and heavy objects.

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Say goodbye to the effort during your moves with our easy furniture and object moving solution!

Our furniture moving solution simplifies your life in no time! With our furniture lifter and four sliding pads, moving your furniture has never been easier. Simply lift your furniture onto the pads and effortlessly slide it using our eight silent wheels that protect your floor. The rubber pads ensure stable placement without damaging your furniture. Moreover, our tool can support a maximum load capacity of 100 kg, allowing you to rearrange your furniture as you please. Simplify your move now!

Simplify the movement of your objects!

Say goodbye to tedious moves with our easy-moving tool! You can now lift and slide your heavy furniture effortlessly with just one hand. The setup is incredibly simple and requires no tools. With our tool, you can easily lift, slide, and adjust heavy equipment and furniture without getting tired. Simplify your life now and move your furniture with ease!

A versatile tool for all your furniture and equipment

Our furniture wheels are suitable for all types of furniture, whether it's your sofa, wardrobe, refrigerator, washing machine, bookshelf, piano table, or much more. No need to worry about tedious moves anymore, our tool adapts to all situations.

An easy-to-use tool for effortless movement.

The installation is simple and quick, with no tools required. The foam discs protect your furniture while allowing you to move them easily. Simplify your moves now with our handy tool!

Protect your furniture while easily moving them.

Our furniture protection tool is equipped with ABS plastic rollers to prevent any damage to hardwood floors or tiles. The jack can be placed under the furniture to lift it, and then you can easily move the furniture or heavy object by sliding the 4 wheels at the four corners.

Specifications :

  • Material: Advanced ABS + high-quality steel
  • Application Area: Home
  • Furniture Lifter: 35 x 5 cm
  • Sliding Pad: 10 x 7.8 cm
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