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Sliding spatula for culinary use

Sliding spatula for culinary use

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Multi-Functional Sliding Spatula: our Culinary Companion

Elevate your culinary space into an inspiring haven, allowing your creativity to flourish as you master the art of crafting exquisite pizzas, delectable pies, sumptuous cakes, and a variety of ingenious culinary delights. Unleash your culinary prowess with confidence and style.

Precision and delicacy!

Prepare to be pleasantly astonished by the myriad applications of our spatula. With unparalleled versatility, non-stick reliability, and a safeguard against scorching heat, it stands as a testament to culinary excellence.

Security & Durability

Heat-resistant handle and comfortable grip for a secure hold

Crafted with precision to mitigate burns and accidents, our spatula ensures a secure handling experience for all your culinary endeavors, even with the hottest dishes. Resilient to heat and certified 100% burn-proof, it exemplifies safety and professionalism in the kitchen.

Intelligent design and versatile functionality

From effortlessly lifting a perfectly crisped pizza to delicately maneuvering a fragile tart or serving a golden gratin, our sliding spatula stands as the epitome of culinary versatility. With its ergonomic and sturdy handle, it becomes the indispensable tool in your kitchen, ensuring professional-grade performance for every culinary endeavor

Easy maintenance.

Effortless maintenance, leaving behind the need for extensive scrubbing. A quick wash is all that's required to ensure your spatula is promptly prepared for your next professional culinary endeavor.

Ideal as a gift

More than a mere spatula, presenting it as a gift exemplifies your thoughtful and distinctive approach to your loved ones. Provide them with the culinary convenience they deserve, a gesture that will be talked about and appreciated for an extended period.


  • Material : Wood, fire-resistant paper
  • Size: 52 x 30 cm / 20 x 12 in
  • Weight : 550g
  • Colors : Brown, off-white handle.
  • Resistance : Ultra résistant

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