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Portable Electric Heater

Portable Electric Heater

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Fill up on heat and save a lot of money!

Gas heat is costing you more and more money, in addition to its cumbersome installation. With the Australiangadget™ heater, you'll feel the heat instantly, at the touch of a button!

Each of your rooms will stay warm!

The electric heater operates at a low 500 watts, making it ideal for use in small spaces without overloading the circuit. Its ability to function without drawing too much power makes it a preferable option compared to high-wattage space heaters. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals living in cold climates who require a cost-effective and efficient heating solution

Led Display and Timer

The upgraded space heater features a user-friendly design that includes a high-definition LED digital display. This allows for accurate temperature control and monitoring. Additionally, the heater's timer function enables users to set heating times of up to 12 hours, after which the heater will automatically turn off. These features provide a convenient and efficient heating solution for any space.

Overheat Protection

This personal space heater is equipped with overheat protection functions, which ensure that it automatically shuts off in high-temperature conditions. Our ceramic heaters are UL and CSA certified, giving users peace of mind and the assurance of safe and reliable use. With these safety features, users can enjoy the warmth and comfort of the heater without worrying about any potential hazards.

How to use


Power: 500W
Temperature setting: 15℃~32℃
Item size: approx. 180 * 100 * 70 mm / 7.09 * 3.94 * 2.76 inches
Item weight: approx. 369g / 13.02 ounces

Included in the package

1 * Heater
1 * Remote control
1 * User manual
✔ Comes with a remote control for convenient control.
✔ Easy to use, suitable for home or office use.

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