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Building Blocks Christmas Tree Music Box

Building Blocks Christmas Tree Music Box

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Impress your children with this Christmas tree building block toy, making it a perfect gift for the holiday season. We extend our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas

The Christmas Tree music box will provide entertainment, relaxation, and effective stress relief. This DIY toy will bring genuine pleasure during the Christmas holidays

Easy to assemble

The blocks are easily packed and the music box comes with 3D stereoscopic illustration instructions to facilitate assembly. Our music box building blocks train the brain in logic, improve concentration, and are more educational than video games

Fun and stimulating blocks

This game is suitable for children (8 years and above) and adults, is fun, stimulating, and enjoyable to manipulate.

An excellent gift idea

Give your children the best. Give them the opportunity to play while having fun and learning. Decorate the small room, the office, the bedroom. On the kitchen table or on the counter, the box brings the Christmas ambiance and spirit.

This box is simply perfect


Material: Environmentally friendly ABS materials

Dimensions :

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