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Professional window Squeegee

Professional window Squeegee

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From Dirty Windows to Sparkling Windows: Professional Squeegee to the Rescue

Tired of streaks and dirt on your windows? Our Professional Window Squeegee is the answer to your problems. Easy to use, it promises to transform your dirty windows into sparkling surfaces, all without the expense of a professional cleaner

Reduced Cleaning Costs: The Squeegee that Makes You Self-Sufficient

This professional window squeegee helps you avoid unnecessary expenses. Say goodbye to the costs of window cleaning services - with this tool, you're the pro, guaranteed professional results.

Precision Spray: Cleanliness at Your Command

The soap reservoir of our Window Squeegee allows you to mix your favorite cleaning solution. Its spraying function targets dirt directly, giving you total control over the cleaning of your windows.

Flawless Finish: Traceless Windows

A perfect wipe is essential for spotless windows. The Professional Squeegee is equipped with a rubber scraper that eliminates all traces for a transparent and radiant finish

Advanced Ergonomics: Comfort and Ease of Use

The ergonomic design of the Professional Window Squeegee makes cleaning quick and comfortable. The well-thought-out handle reduces fatigue and facilitates access to hard-to-reach areas, for stress-free cleaning


  • Material: PP, iron pipe, ABS
  • Product Configuration: Upper rod, lower rod, spray bottle rod, panel, cleaning cloth
  • Size: 130*33CM

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