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Contour markers

Contour markers

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Have a fun time at home with our contour marker set !

Spend quality time with your family and unleash your creativity with our  Magic Contour Marker Kit. With these innovative drawing tools, every moment becomes a colorful and enjoyable adventure. Whether you're a parent or a child, you'll be amazed at how these multi-colored contour markers transform your doodles into works of art.

Double outline markers

Unleash your creativity with these amazing double outline markers! Their metallic silver ink combined with colored borders creates a unique two-tone effect. With innovative technology, these automatic contour markers produce precise outlines to enhance all your drawings and illustrations.

Wide range of uses

These zigzag double-line markers are versatile and suitable for a variety of craft projects for the whole family. Whether you're creating gift cards, greeting cards, customized posters, Mother's Day mugs, or any other creative DIY project, these double outline markers are perfect. They are suitable for teenagers, adults, and children to unleash their creativity. Use them to write, draw, and add a personal touch to your craft projects.

Superior quality

These markers offer vibrant metallic silver writing surrounded by a colored border, with a choice of 8 colors: black, yellow, orange, green, purple, sky blue, pink, and blue. The durable fiber tip ensures clean and smear-resistant lines for long-lasting creations.

Super easy to use

For long-lasting results, store the markers horizontally and after each use, make sure to tightly close the caps.

Simply shake the marker to ensure the ink is well mixed. Then, remove the cap and press the marker's tip onto your surface. Repeat this pumping action several times to activate the ink until it starts flowing. As shown in the image below...


Size: 14.5 cm Ink: Environmentally friendly water-based materials

Line width: 1mm-2mm

Product weight: 139g

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