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3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen

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Unleash your creativity with the 3D Printing Pen

The 3D printing pen fits comfortably in your hand and is incredibly easy to use. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced artist, or a 3D printing enthusiast, the package includes user instructions to get you started, and you'll quickly become hooked on its capabilities.

A new technology

The world's first in a 3D printing device. Innovation and enhancement of power, durability, and reliability for a highly-quality drawing experience.

A fun activity

Experience the opportunity to rediscover joy and passion through a fresh perspective on drawing. Immerse yourself in the world of 3D and explore the fun and excitement of artistic expression. Drawing has never been more enjoyable!


Unmatched ease and simplicity

The usage is easy, however, please read the user manual carefully to optimize your moments of enjoyment. After completing your drawing, press and hold the reverse button to remove the filament.


An excellent offering, a lovely gift

This set of 3D printing pens is a creative gift for children. It promotes critical thinking, enhances intelligence, stimulates creativity, and strengthens practical skills. It's an excellent gift for spending quality time with the family and creating memorable moments.

Incredible quality

The 3D printing pen and the 1.75mm PLA filaments for 3D printers are of superior quality. The filaments are vacuum-sealed for optimal preservation.

Simple steps to get started

1- Turn on the device by pressing the button (the voice prompt will guide you to do so) and press the flashing red button to activate the heating process
2-  The voice prompt will notify you when the heating is complete. Press the start button to begin.
3-  Insert a consumable into the feeding inlet and wait for the consumable to be discharged.

4- Press the slow/fast button (the voice prompt will indicate if you have selected the fast or slow mode).
5-  Press the start/pause button to pause the consumable discharge.

6- Press the backup/stop button for the consumable to automatically retract, then replace it or turn off the device.

⚠️ It is necessary to remove the consumables after use to avoid any blockages.

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