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Mathematical Rolling Stamp

Mathematical Rolling Stamp

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Allows you to create spreadsheets in seconds

Do you remember the time when your parents used to create spreadsheets by hand, writing dozens of equations and giving them to you to practice and improve your math skills?

Well, this rolling stamp eliminates the manual equation. In just 10 seconds, you can prepare those math sheets just like your parents did, allowing your child to solve them quickly and easily.

Easy to carry


The mathematical rolling stamp is small and exquisite, featuring a transparent storage box that can hold the mathematical educational rolling stamp and a spare bag, making it easy to carry. At the same time, the rolling stamp also comes with a transparent cover, so there's no need to worry about ink leakage.

Long-term use


The digital teaching rollin stamp comes with 6 replacement capsules, which can be reused after adding the mathematical rolling stamp ink. This allows children to cultivate their logical computing skills through long-term play and education.

Smooth printing

The digital teaching rolling stamp scrolls smoothly, ensuring clear and legible handwritten printing. The words printed with the mathematical rolling stamp dry quickly and do not fade, providing children with a new learning experience.

Educational toy gift for learning


The addition and subtraction learning tool for math is an excellent educational gift and a great learning toy for early childhood, perfect for toddlers.


With clear and compact display, intuitive operation, and easy instructions, the game enables children to better understand abstract numbers, grasp inter-digit relationships, memorize multiplication results, and enhance their number sense fluency.

Specifications :

Material: PVC

Shape: Square

Weight: 150g

Printing: 20*4mm

Color: Blue


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