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Wooden BOARD - Multiplication And Math board

Wooden BOARD - Multiplication And Math board

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Wooden board

This board game makes learning fun and allows you to have fun and enjoyable moments with your child

 You will be surprised by his evolution and delighted by his moments of joy in your company. The game helps develop calculation, logic and mathematical skills.

With a clear and compact display, intuitive operation, and easy to use instructions, the game helps children to better understand abstract numbers, assimilate inter-digit relationships, retain the results of multiplication, and make their number sense more fluid.

The game allows your child to learn by himself, in a playful, intuitive and educational way. The understanding of operations is quickly assimilated and mathematical calculation becomes a real child's play.

How to play :

Possibility 1: Roll 2 dice, multiply/add the two numbers on the surface, whoever finds the answer first, uses the chess piece to hold the answer.

Possibility 2: Draw the addition or multiplication card and quickly find the answer on the board. Use the chess pieces to hold the answer.

The winner gets a card. There are a total of 100 cards, and whoever wins the most wins the game. (2-4 players play)

QUALITY AND SAFE MATERIAL: The BERDA board game is made of natural wood, which is ecological, light and durable. High quality craftsmanship, the surface is smooth without burrs, which will not hurt children's hands.

Package includes :

1x Play Table
4x Pawn
2x dice
100x multiplication / addition cards


Small wooden blocks, not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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